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HATSUNE 隐泉日本料理

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Cuisine: Japanese - Californian
Yum Factor: 4/5
Fu to the Wu (service): 2/5
FengShui: 3.5/5
Moolah: $$$ - Costly Business Class
Repeat-Worthy: Yes

Hatsune to Beijing is similar to what Nobu is to London - Highly publicized as the go-to venue for hip californian Japanese dining in the capital, the Guanghua Lu location has become a staple option for many in the CBD area

Foodies looking for a traditional Japanese will definitely find that fix at Hatsune, but for the 'tempura shrimp with mayo drizzle' californian style, there is no better option around the capital than Hatsune

The Agadashi Tofu is a nice appetizer to start with, crispy flakiness on the outside housing a silky tofu that steams upon the first bite. Feeling hungry, we also ordered the large sashimi platter that was impressively fresh but could have had a greater variety of fish given the higher price point charged

However, everyone should know that you come to Hatsune for their rolls - so perhaps we shouldn't have ordered the Sashimi after all. Our Motorola & Amy rolls were innovative but might not suit everyone's pallets as some may find the fusion a bit too much (although we loved what we ordered) Cheese lovers should definitely order the Philly Roll, the cream cheese creating a lovely melting texture in the mouths without the heaviness that comes with traditional cheese

The eatery is packed both at lunch & dinner hours, so reservations are highly recommended as waiting for seating is never do take the time to store the # and dial ahead if you intend to check out this consistently fun well-ambienced eating experience

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HeQiao Tower
8 Guanghua Lu
#6581 3939


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Cuisine: Turkish
Yum Factor: 3.5/5
Fu to the Wu (service): 3/5
FengShui: 3/5
Moolah: $$ - Not Cheap, Not Expensive
Repeat-Worthy: Yes

Adding to the already abundant SLT restaurant scene might be a daunting challenge for many, but Turkish Mum has managed to do so quite well with a food offering unique enough to differentiate itself from nearby competitors

The large menu is sure to have options that you've never tried - The appetizer combo (48rmb) is a good starter for those unfamiliar with middle eastern cuisine & comes with a selection of delicious thick hummus, pickled purple cauliflower, fresh tabbouleh salad with a red salsa that would make you want a repeat order

Our main courses of roasted sea bass (68rmb) & roasted half chicken (59rmb) were came in both surprisingly generous portions and served piping hot. The roasted half chicken was succulent and was well complemented by the chickpea rice, although our only complaint was that it was a bit heavy on the oil. The Sea bass was a highlight for many, as the use of cumin to season the fish was a new flavor & combination for many - leaving a memorable impression on our foodie tastebuds and distinct enough for us to remember the dish

Wanting to be adventurous, we ordered the kofte lentis pattie (shown above) which was not very flavorful and seemed more a 'food that you take on a camping trip' than a 'restaurant worthy' dish. Amongst all the great dishes we tried, this would be one we wouldn't highly recommend

Service at Turkish MaMa neither good or bad, just the standard fuwu you would expect in a foreign restaurant in the capital. We would recommend this restaurant more as a lunch time venue or casual group dinners. Turkish Mum is a nice change from the regular SLT restaurant offerings, check it out next time you're in the area...which we're sure you will be

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# 6552-8688
GongtiBei Lu, Next to Rumi


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Cuisine: Cafe - Coffee House
Yum Factor: 4/5
Fu to the Wu (service): 3/5
FengShui: 3/5
Moolah: $ - Economy Class
Repeat-Worthy: Yes

Oldtown White Coffee is Malaysia's own home grown Starbucks - but oh so much better & tastier than anything you can find at the international coffee chain. The extensive coffee culture is a surprise to any visiting tourist & Oldtown White Coffee is a must try for any foodie enthusiast

With numerous outlets around town, OldTown is coffee house with a malaysian twist. Our standard regular coffee order was so delicious & left a hint of chocolate after taste in the mouth - and comes in a hot/cold option (we ordered both!)

Menu selection at Oldtown offers traditional malaysian staples that are done very well. Our Nasi Lamak came in a generous portion & with rich spicy flavors to match. Foodies with heavier palettes will fall in love with malaysian cuisine, as most of the food culture tends to uses alot of spices, flavorful abundant ingredients & exhibit oilier characteristics...salads are probably the last thing you would find on the menu...& will only present an opportunity for the locals to scoff at you as an obvious tourist

Also highly recommended is KAYA - a type of malaysian jam that is made from coconut milk &'ll be addicted within a second. This stuff is SERIOUSLY comparable & tastes as good as nutella. Order with the standard toasted toasts & you are good to go (can even double as a dessert)

On the side, we also had a popular malaysian chinese bean curd dessert. Probably one of the lighter desserts you'll find, our tofu was freshly made & topped off with a special secret syrup with lychees & tapioca bubbles on the side...hit any oldtown outlet for a great afternoon of sipping some better-than-starbucks java with great local fare for bites

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[MALAYSIA] DELIcious - Cafe Bistro

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Cuisine: Cafe - Salad Bar Bistro
Yum Factor: 4.5/5
Fu to the Wu (service):
FengShui: 4.5/5
Moolah: $$ - Not Cheap Not Expensive
Repeat-Worthy: Yes

When an eatery calls themselves ''D-E-L-I-C-i-o-u-s'', the food that comes out better be just that. Based in malaysia, the 'DELICious' chain has become a popular option for the upper echelon KL crowd seeking a lighter than usual Malay meal or comfortable cafe to satisfy dessert cravings with a cup of java

Decor & ambience of the restaurant is also noteworthy, a well designed space with comfortable seating - & huge transparent dessert case for food porn enthusiasts

The mango,lychee,kaffir blast drink is a MUST TRY & is sooo delicious that you'll most likely finish & want to order another one before the any food is even served. Lychee & watermelon blast was also a hit & mouthwateringly luscious. We recommend both for perfect thrist quenchers to combat the tropical heat

Be warned, portions at DELICious are quite large so its easy to over-order as everything on the menu sounds tasty. The chicken pesto spaghettini (20.90rm) was perfectly supple, decorated with freshly grilled chicken bites topped off with paper thin cheddar strips & basil leaf on top. Spinach & pine nut quiche is a great choice for vegetarians & a meal in itself. The crab & mango salad was a favorite too- as interesting choice of greens such as spinach & coriander was a nice twist on the original recipes. The use of real & not processed crab meat was also highly appreciated as we detest how the candy-cane looking crab 'sticks' is often used nowadays

Desserts @ DELICious really do warrant a review of their own - as we couldn't decide which one to choose....the group went all out & ordered the 3 favorites:
Chocolate Brownie/Strawberry Pavlova/Mango Cheesecake (9.90rg/each)

Orgasmically & hatefully delicious...each decadent & sinfull in its own right. Chocolate brownie was the best of the three (if we just HAVE to choose) & comes served with melty hot chocolate fudge sauce with a dallop of cold vanilla ice cream. Mango cheesecake was equally rich in taste & flavor.

In retrospect, what was intended to be a 'light' meal ended up being a unexpected gastronomic feast for the group....but like they say, expect the unexpected - and in this case, the unexpected was so much better than what we had imagined

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Bangsar Village 2

Jalan Tewali Satu

Bangsar Baru

KL, Malaysia


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Cuisine: Street - Local Stalls
Yum Factor: 4/5
Fu to the Wu (service): 2/5
FengShui: 2/5
Moolah: S - Bargain Basement
Repeat-Worthy: Yes

Please repeat after me - MAMAK (think Yo mAmA jokes with a sharp K sound...yes you got it)

If you're a true foodie, than you will definately inevitably hear this word repeated numerous times when travelling around Malaysia
Coming mostly in the form of outdoor stalls, Mamak-ing is the ultimate way to enjoy & eat as the locals do. Although available 24 hours a day, you'll most likely find mamaks bustling with business in the late evenings. As mentioned, Malaysian food tends to be heavier & mamak food is no exception - so we do suggest leaving all your health calorie counting habits at home or you'll probably be starving for the whole trip

To start, our Roti Canai - a thin indian bread was flaky on the outside & muffin soft on the inside. Served with a chili sauce that leaves a nice spicy aftertaste in the mouth
We also had a go at the famous staples Maggi Goreng & Nasi Lemak. The former is a dish made from frying Maggi instant noodles with curry & served with fresh vegetables & optional chicken. The latter Nasi Lemak was sinful - coconut milk steamed rice served with anchovies, peanuts, cucumber & a chili sambal paste. Topped with a sunny side up, the dish was gone thanks to everyones quick contribution

Be sure to order either a fresh coconut or teh-tarik on the side - as most of the indian malay fare typical of Mamak stalls can be quite hot for foodies that cant handle their spice. The awfully indulgent tea sweetened with milk is a local favorite & is the 'pulling' demonstration is quite an art form in itself

All this late night indulgence came to a whopping 60rgt...otherwise roughly 100rmb...and there was still food leftover for our table of four

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