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Cuisine: Chinese - Taiwanese

Yum Factor: 4/5

Fu to the Wu (service): 3/5

FengShui: 3.5/5

Moolah: $$ - Not Cheap, Not Expensive

Repeat-Worthy: Yes

Ready to serve the hoards of drunken Gongti party-goers, Bellagio somehow manages to tame the wild packs of the hungry & intoxicated with extremely graceful ease. For foodies looking for a late-night Chinese fix, Bellagio is probably your best bet in terms of both quality & taste. Although our usual standards may be lower considering the blasphemous time we usually eat @ Bellagio (3-4am), the restaurant has managed to unfailingly dish out good quality chows @ very unreasonable hours of the morning.

Fuwu is not the best, though completely understandable considering how much fun it is to deal with waves upon waves of impaired customers throughout the midnight work shift.

The Hainan chicken rice has become one of our staple dishes along with the large assortment of surprisingly healthy cold dishes including: Marinated Radish, stewed wa-wa cabbage & kelp rolls in special house sauce. The ho-fun beef (glass noodles w/beef) is brought to the table simmering; with a very balanced ratio of beef chunks to noodles – only to be devoured by Voodoo & Mr. Crabclaws within minutes. The tastes and presentation of all the chows should blast all expectations of what one would expect to find at these hours. Notably, meals at the Bellagio do much more than just fill a hunger pang, leaving us contentedly plumper & ready to pass out from a long night of alcohol consumption. Finishing off with one of Bellagio’s signature gargantuan Mile-high pile Ice desserts is also a must, as you would probably never order the incredibly tasty dessert when sober and clear-headed.

By the time we stumble out of the restaurant, the sun has risen & the old-timers are already in the middle of their tai-chi routines. Before parting, we all convince ourselves that this is “the last time we’re going to do this”....even though we all secretly know that another late-night visit to Bellagio for their delissh chows has become an irreplaceable part to our weekend clubbing routine.

Foodie Addict: Xi2