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Cuisine: Indian - Traditional

Yum Factor: 4.5/5

Fu to the Wu (service): 4/5

FengShui: 3/5

Moolah: $$ - Not Cheap, Not Expensive

Repeat-Worthy: Yes

Consistent wholesome authentic Indian food has been the backbone of Ganges success. Since opening its original location at Wudaokou, Ganges has unsurprisingly opened 2 more branches in the areas of Lido & Silkstreet.

Upon entry, one is greeted by the wafting scents and enticing spicy aromas of earthy Indian cooking. The chill-laxing Indian background tunes put us in an almost pre-eating meditative state - that is, until our freshly prepared dishes arrive on the table, releasing even more pugnant mouth-watering fragrances.

Starting with the tomato soup & cucumber raita; both leave the foodie salivating for the mains. Perhaps the only fault to point out is the questionable cleanliness of the green salad we ordered with the raita (which we recommend foodies to avoid ordering during the hot summer months)

The palak paneer is cooked to perfection - an all-time favorite spinach dish oven-baked with fresh in-house produced cottage cheese. The mutton maratha is just as enticing with its succulent chunks of lamb simmered in a coconut milky tomato broth. All the dishes need to be eaten with the tandoori roti, the perfect accompaniment to any of the mains. Conversation is minimal at the restaurant, as it seems that every customer is too hypnotised with the food to conversate about anything; a perfect place for having a date you don't want to speak to.

For those who find Indian cuisine on the heavier side (like myself), you can order all dishes to forego the use of butter and oil.

Lastly, forget the utensils & use your hands the way the Indians do...because eating it any other way would be an injustice to the bloody excellent straight-up-no-nonsense food served at Ganges.

Foodie Addict: Xi2