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Cuisine: Mexican - TexMex

Yum Factor: 2.5/5

Feng Shui: 3/5

Fu to the Wu (service) : 3/5

Moolah: $$ - Economy Class

Repeat-Worthy: No

While better than the standard Tex-Mex joints on offer in the capital, EL Fogoncito is still only a substandard choice for satiating a real Mexican craving. Dishes served here are satisfactory, at best, but the fare lacks the juicy flavorful elements that are characteristic of Mexican authenticity. Meat and seafood are fresh and of decent quality; although flavors were seemingly tamed down to suit more commercial taste buds. An open kitchen set is incorporated into the dining area, giving an impression of cleanliness while creating a comfortable dining atmosphere.

Service was friendly with most Fuwuyuans able to communicate in basic English.

Located slightly out of the way and somewhat tedious to find, this new eatery is suitable for the local office bodies looking for a quick lunch bite but disappoints food addicts looking for a genuine Mexican/Tex-mex fix. Not worth the journey but worth checking out if you’re in the area; preferably already standing in front of the restaurant.

Foodie Addict: Mr. Crabclaws

37 Dongdaqiao | 37 东大桥37号
CBD Guomao