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Cuisine: American Asian
Yum Factor: 5/5
Fu to the Wu (service): 4.5/5
FengShui: 5/5
Moolah: $$ - Not Cheap, not Expensive
Repeat-Worthy: YES

Element Fresh's concept of healthy but extremely tasty food fare has offically landed at the Jing'. Hailing from Shanghai, the long anticipated restaurant has already established a huge following of food lovers of their modern bistro concept

Located in the new Sanlitun 'The Village', this eatery is already regularly packed with repeat & new foodies alike wanting a taste of their mouth-watering sandwiches & unique salad combinations. The menu selection is abundant, from all-day breakies to proper full course appetiser & dinner entrees. The modern hip decor & outdoor patio presents a perfect spot for catching the last of the alfresco eating weather - whether a coffee or sitdown meal, this place is sure to please

As our orders arrive, cameras are automatically pulled out as our colorful, fresh, well designed salads & dish presentations are a food porn photo heaven. Le bleu apple is a must-try; fresh baby lettuce greens with walnuts, crisp bacon bits, & bite sized apple pieces paired with the miso-yogurt dressing is already a favorite order for the group. Salad portions are big enough to be a light meal on its own. Cobb salad comes decked out in mozzo cheese, avocados, & neatly cut white chicken breast with fresh boiled eggs. The hummus was also a hit, served with pita bread & a vegetable medly to satisfy all your dipping desires.

The only fault in an otherwise near-flawless meal, the 'skin' on our beef vietnamnese roll was too thick & chewy for liking. Food was consistent & delicious,

Also famous for its numerous selection of fresh squeezed shaes, the mango madness was absolutely divine & came with large chunks of fresh mango to chew on. The drinks here alone are worth coming for, perfect for a detox day after a long weekend out. We can't even remember how BJ was before Element Fresh!

Foodie Addict: Xi2

3rd floor The Village @ Sanlitun 三里屯19号
19 South Sanlitun Road 三里屯Village南区8号楼8-3-3单


Anonymous said...

To the exception of several salads and sandwiches, Element Fresh is not tasty. Try their pastas or tuna tartar, they are totally tasteless. Stop telling people Element Fresh is a restaurant. It is a fast food chain that slowly serves poor food at high price in a nice decoration. Americans, pls get a food education.