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European North 66

- Seafood Overdose (the unedited version)

When a restaurant goes to the trouble of importing all their seafood from far-away-Norway, you would have hoped they could have put in the extra effort to import a chef that could cook all that expensive shipment as well.
The interior design of the restaurant resembles that of a winter cabin you would find at a 5-class ski resort - with the temperature to match. The reindeer antlers chandaliers are interesting but I cant help wondering many reindeers died in the making, checkered table cloths are cute, but easily overlooked as it seems that North 66 also wanted to replicate the freezing temperatures of back home...(umm, unpaid heater bill maybe?)

The sinfully thick Roman sweet potato soup (¥28) was superb & the perfect tummy warmer on a cold beijing day. (unchanged)
The Artic seafood appetizer platter (¥88) came after the entrees were served - matched with the same sauces that was on my entrees which i noticed only because I had the main course before eating the appetizer

We recommend NEITHER the grilled norwegian salmon OR the boston lobster in cream sauce as they both came cold & it always upsets a foodie to see such high quality ingredients be wasted on a inept chef & wait staff that cant even bring out the food properly....or in the right order it seems. Both dishes would be worth trying once....and only once at that.
Service would be better if I had the option to serve myself - the manager is on a power-trip or seems to be on a permanent PMS....but that wouldn't make sense seeing he is a dude & not a girl... But then again, you come to the restaurant when its on the house right?

XiXi Cheng