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Cuisine: Brazilian

Yum Factor: 4.5/5

Feng Shui: 4/5

Fu to the Wu (service) : 4/5

Moolah: $$- Not Cheap, Not Expensive

Repeat-Worthy: Yes

's 60rmb set lunch in itself has established a cult-like following that leaves walk-in customers with no reservations waiting a longgg longg time. Yes, for the regulars - it is synonmously known that lunchtime reservations are a must.

The bustling chitchat, floor-to-ceiling glass decor, & minimalist settings is the perfect venue to visit on a sunny day. The comfortable vibe paired with creative, innovative, well-presented quality starter & mains will throw out any bad mood - Alameda will turn that frown upside down.

The infamous olive-drizzled starter bread & cheese balls is a perfect pre-starter dish to get dem' stomachs ready for eating. The frequently chaging set lunch menu offers a broad selection that is sure to satisfy all picky tastebuds. Filet mignon / Pasta / Duck / Fish dishes all populate the selections for the mains. Starters are equally impressive with creations like Fried squid with polenta nougats, Round Beetroot with Salad & Aged Brie paired with Nutmeg sauce - yes, yes, you foodies get the idea.

Pacing of the meal is just right - with mains following the starters promptly & the Fuwu is well trained throughout servings. (Re-filling water, etc.)

Perhaps the highlight of Alameda is that the description of the dishes on the menu is ACTUALLY representative of the food that arrives on your table. An extremely refreshing change from the latter overly descriptive elaborate menu choices at other restaurants that DO NOT match what arrives.

Some say dinner is the same as the lunch set but I beg to differ as we felt that the Dinner experience at Alameda offers bigger portions & a completely different selection from lunch. (158rmb)
Regardless, lunch or dinner - you can't go wrong with either. Alameda is a sure bet every time

Foodie Addict: Xi2

Sanlitun Beijie | 三里屯北街

Inside Nali Mall, 50m south of 3.3