PHO 88

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Cuisine: Vietnamenese - Traditional Pho

Yum Factor: 3/5

Feng Shui: 2/5

Fu to the Wu (service) : 3/5

Moolah: S - Bargain Basement Price

Repeat-Worthy: YES

Tucked away on the corner of the Vantone building, the initial impression of Pho88 is not one that would attract many foodies on the hunt for a good meal.

But the night was already old, & Xi2 just wanting to more "fill da' stomach" vs/ "have a nice meal" was delightly surprised when the meal turned out to be both.

The green papya salad was freshly made to order - well-proportioned order matched with delicious sweet minty vinigrette that leaves a pleasant aftertaste of lime & chilis. 15rmb Rice-paper shrimp rolls exceeded our expectaions as 4 large pieces were consumed within minutes. Undoubtedly though, the most impressive dish has to be awarded to the Tom Yum Shrimp. The serving bowl was MASSIVE & much better than the displayed menue picture! We were even further astounded to find 7xpieces of large succulent shrimp floating with pineapple bits, mushrooms, other vegetables. There was literally enough to fill up 8 small bowls of soup - all for the bargain price of 22.

Xi2 finally managed to convincee herself that the kitchen must have made a mistake with the shrimp or either that, the price on the menue must be wrong...But crazily enough, after all the large shrimps were peeled & eaten - and chop sticks picking the last bit of the papaya salad. The bill came to a mind-boggling 32.

Yes, this all sounds like crazy talk - Don't just take our word for it - the only way out of this is to test out repeat-worthy Pho88 yourself.

Foodie Addict: Xi2

1. Wanda - 93 Chaoyang Jianguo Lu | 万达广场- 建国路93号


2. Vantone Building - 6 Chaowai Street | 网通中心-朝外大街6号