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Cuisine: Western - Homestyle

Yum Factor: 4.5/5

Fu to the Wu (service): 4.5/5

FengShui: 3/5

Moolah: $ - Bargain Basement Price

Repeat-Worthy: Yes Yes

It is a high-return investment of your time to seek out Time Café. Tucked away in a corner of Jianwai Soho西区, this low-key hideout has our vote for best lunch set in the city. Set lunch meals start at 38 which includes a salad starter, main course, coffee & dessert. This might sound like nothing out of the ordinary until we share the dishes in greater detail:

Salad: Tuna Nicoise is a big enough portion to compete with the 30 salads in other western restaurants – green beans, apple slices, sizeable pieces of tuna topped off with cherry tomatoes will make this a repeat order for anyone.
Main: Duck leg Confit w/ grilled vegetables – Surpasses all expectations of just being one of those dishes with a sophisticated name typical of many western restaurants in BJ. Confit it is – the accompanying sweetish sauce balances perfectly with the green/yellow zucchini, roasted pumpkin, eggplant, topped off with the leg of an obviously well-fed duck. The meat is cooked to “slide-off-the-bone precision” with a crispy skin that can be eaten or peeled off according to taste. Again, the extremely generous portion alone is enough to justify the 38 on its own.

Already full to the brim, we just had force some space for the crème-brulee dessert that comes hot with torch-melted brown sugar on top served with a coffee/tea. A meal of this quality elsewhere would cost at least 150+ . But at Time Café, all this will cost you an unbelievable 38. For those out there who think that they can get tired of Time Cafe, the whole menu is revamped every couple months.

We are fully aware that this review might sound too good to be true. Well it is, heed our advice - Time cafe is a hit every time

Foodie Addict: Xi2

3F Building 10, Jianwai Soho | 建外Soho10号楼3晨
CBD Guomao