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Cuisine: Middle Eastern - Pitta

Yum Factor: 3.5/5

Fu to the Wu (service): 3/5

FengShui: 3/5

Moolah: $ - Economy Class

Repeat-Worthy: Yes

Established and managed by an Isreali couple, Biteapita offers it clients the best Lebanese mezzes & Shawarma as well as other Isreali delights. Here is a great place to stop by and enjoy light, yet flavorful mediterranean cuisine.

The hummus is splendid; tabbouleh salad is replenishing; and shawarma good enough to please an Arab!

Fare at this pita joint is as authentic as it gets in Beijing.

Overall, service is friendly, consistent and definitately worthy of multiple return visits. The restaurant layout is casual, providing a comfortable ambience for foodies to sink into the delicious home-made mezzes.

Ideal for a relaxing afternoon; where good friends can meet to have great conversations while munching on some even greater healthy fare that won't leave you induced with food coma

Foodie Addict: Mr.Crabclaws

Xingba Lu, NurenJie | 星吧路, 女人街