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Cuisine: Japanese - Traditional

Yum Factor: 3.5/5

Fu to the Wu (service): 3/5

FengShui: 3/5

Moolah: $ - Economy Class

Repeat-Worthy: Yes

Do not turn urself away when u first walk in here as u do get that woof of raw fish smell that can drive away most customers. Fortunately, u are greeted by 3 large smiling Japanese cat porcelains and with their little traditional décor and knowing that it is a super popular lunch joint, u quickly forget the funk.

The little spiraling staircase does give it a distinct look, but impractical when someone above is coming down and can’t see u coming up. When u open the menu, u will be warmed by their friendly pricing and comforted by their little Japanese text. The waiters also have little Japanese name tags and supposedly they can speak Japanese, which makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

Set menu is impressive. Soup is nice and warm (hey, some places here just don’t cut it), and salad is not blasted with dressing (unless u like that) and the eel had no bones (I’ve been to a place that cost twice as much and they had some bones). Overall my little expectations were exceeded and I will go back. And it’s n too loud, and that is important for me, especially at lunch.

Foodie Addict: LG Cheong-Fun (star guest foodie)

Jianwai Soho Building 9 | 建外Soho9号楼