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Cuisine: Japanese - Teppanyaki
Yum Factor: 3/5
Fu to the Wu (service): 2.5/5
FengShui: 3/5
Moolah: $ - Economy Class
Repeat-Worthy: Yes

Another anonymous find in Wudaokou that isn’t found amongst the legions of Japanese restaurants listed in that’s or the weekend. Stumbling upon this restaurant by chance, Qian He’s underground location provides a hush-hush haven away from the craziness of the upstairs bars & regular drunk student crowd (accompanied by fake bums trying to take advantage of the same drunk student crowd)

Along with the same menu that every Wudaokou Japanese restaurants seems to use, the highlights of this restaurant are their Teppanyaki sets. From the four sets on offer, the ¥158/two mouths set is the best deal that includes: a nice array of starter salads and sashimi, Tempura, Miso soup to Teppanyaki: Shrimp, Bacon asparagus roll, Beef steak, Scallop, Mixed vegetables, accompanied with fried rice, huge bowl of noodles and to finish off, an inventive fried Teppanyaki banana dessert topped off with a scoop of strawberry ice cream….and of course the finale fruit salad. (whew!...and if that isn’t enough to satiate your hunger then I suggest you book a doctor’s appointment to check for a food-eating stomach worm)

Service is slightly understaffed but the gentle chef makes up for the lack of fuwu; accommodating our requests to “xiao fang you” (less oil) on everything. Overall, Teppanyaki specialists will find this restaurant of ordinary quality, but considering the student market it serves and the Wudaokou area it’s located in – finding a decent Teppanyaki restaurant like Qian He amongst the student-infested vicinity was a surprisingly nice surprise

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Lee said...

Nice, but you fail to mention where it is.