Dini's Kosher Restaurant 蒂妮犹太餐厅

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Cuisine: Isreali - Kosher
Yum Factor:
Feng Shui:
Fu to the Wu (service) :
Moolah: $
$- Not Cheap, Not Expensive
Repeat-Worthy: Yes

Upon entry, Beijing’s first all-kosher restaurant emits a pleasant aura of gastronomical delight. The meal that follows certainly does not disappoint. This classy little joint, located just off of Lady Street, is an ideal venue for a tranquil Sunday brunch, presenting warm greetings and delightful service.

The menu offers four types of cuisine: Japanese, Western, Chinese and Isreali fare. The ingredients used here are all fresh and home-made, the recipes fitting and agreeable. Dini’s is a suitable place to enjoy a crisp salad, indulge in a chicken schnitzel (whatever the hell that is), or just cram a 12-inch hot dog down your throat. Above average fair, this is a restaurant worth the visit

Foodie Addict: Mr.Crabclaws

Super Bar Street 32 Tianze Lu 32号女人街星吧路酒吧街内 Jiangtai Xiang (20m east of Grape restaurant) 将台乡天泽路 http://www.kosherbeijing.com/ 6461 - 6220