THE MUGHAL'S 新疆卡拉奇餐厅

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Cuisine: Pakistani / Xinjiang
Yum Factor: 2.5/5
Fu to the Wu (service): 2.5/5
FengShui: 3/5
$$ - Not Cheap, Not Expensive
Repeat-Worthy: No

Located on the 5th floor of 3.3, Mughal’s menu is not only expansive but has on offer a hefty assortment of Xinjiang, Pakistani & Chinese-based chows. The potential of the restaurant is at the same time ironically its downfall. Dishes are very authentically prepared by a real Indian chef; the restaurant also had numerous Middle Eastern and Indian customers when we sat down – usually an encouraging sign of the food when natives of the cuisine show support. All these seemingly positive factors combined, perhaps unfairly, left us eagerly anticipating for the meal to arrive with high expectations
Unfortunately, the fault of the restaurant is neither the quality of the excellent ingredients nor the authenticity of the dishes, but sadly, the blatant use of the microwave to heat the food prior to it being served. Additionally, it was painstakingly obvious that dishes were not freshly made to order - but instead, most likely made by the batch, refrigerated & divded accordingly when an order was placed

In fairness however, we could tell that had the food been served at the time that it was freshly prepared, the dishes would have tasted ten folds more amazing and lived up to the effort, time & skill taken in preparing the them The tabooli was not bad/not great as we had to squeeze some lemon on top to balance out the slightly over-salted salad.

The portion of mutton handi was generous & should satiate any meat fix one is craving. The Kashmiri Saag, a pureed spinach dish mixed delicately with a very herby/spices sauce was tasty but could have been that much more delicious if made fresh to order Overall, Mughal's extremely ironic eating experience left us slightly annoyed and confused. We didn't feel bad about the usual glum factors of ingredient quality or service, but bad about the food itself and how it might never get the chance to truly to show its amazing delissh factor & hidden tasty potential

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4th Floor, 3.3 Sanlitun 三里屯酒吧街3.3大厦南侧 那里花园4层