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Cuisine: Vegetarian – Fusion

Yum Factor: 4.5/5

Fu to the Wu (service): 4/5

FengShui: 5/5

Moolah: $$$ - Costly Business Class

Repeat-Worthy: Yes

Pure Lotus is your vegan utopia heaven for both vegetarians & carnivores wanting a meat-free meal. We all agree that this eatery is completely in its own dimension & unaffected whatever dining scene is happening or not happening around the capital. Pure Lotus is definately one of our favorite all-rouner venues with amazing zen-like ambience, consistently excellent service & dishes that not only have unparallel presentation but also taste, uniqueness & creative concoctions unlike anything you've probably tried before

"I cannot believe this isn't...." is a repeated sentence for 1st timers eateing here with mock dishes like black pepper ribs, sweet & sour foil fish, & even the famous Peking duck. Trust us, its hard not to believe you ain't eating animal protein - dishes are quick to convince that maybe vegetarians aren't really missing out much at all

Do not come here & NOT order the simply named 'seaweed hand roll" - a seaweed wrapped cone topped with candied walnut, fresh strawberry that tastes a-m-a-z-i-n-g & leaves you wanting to order another 4 for yourself

The 'half-chicken soy protein' is highly recommended & everyone has to be reminded that its not actually chicken you're eating. For groups of 4+, the cheese fondue is a must & comes fully loaded with baguette croutons, multiple veggie bits & forked prongs for your dipping pleasure (P.S. It's not cheese!)

Fish in foil is also a pleaser with fake skin & texture to match. To finish, bowls of pine-nut rice are always emptied at the end of the meal; individuals can also choose to opt for healthy bowl of 5x multigrain organic rice as well

At the end of each meal, there's a beautifully presented surprise for the foodies (and not alcohol as none is served at this monk-run establishment) Foodies should however be careful with ordering as not paying attention can snap you out of your zen-utopia state when the bill arrives

Definately worth a visit even if you ain't a veggo - though we're sure that once you pure it, it wont be your last

Foodie Addict: Xi2

10 Nongzhan Nanli | 文联大厦院内

Chaoyang Park
in compound below the JVC Tower |