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Local Provincial NooOdles

One of Guilin's famous traditional dishes - you won't find the best bowl of noodle-age at your 5* hotel, but rather a local grotty stool style local eatery.
We were lucky enough to have a local guide who showed us where to get dem' famous noodles

Stopping at a small 'one-you-would-have-passed-by' open air eatery, expat hygiene freaks should beware as this definitely isn't the eating ambience one would favorably choose back home. But hey - we are foodies after all, so no ambiance standard should stop us from trying a famous national provincial dish right?

Orders are taken by the liang (25g) here & one can opt for a standard 3 liang bowl or go for the smaller 2 liang. As the name states, mifen is rice and the noodles come in long white strands resembling a thinner version of the thick japanese udon. Freshly boiled, the bowl comes piping hot with a spoonful of peanuts, cut onions, sauce & a dash of spicy xiang oil.
On the side, you're welcome to add as much homemade selection of chilis, pickled radishes & soy sauce/vinegar

We were told that the best way to eat dem' noodles was dry, but for those that prefer a little soup-age, there's a barrel like bucket of specialty boiled beef bone soup to add to your noodle bowl mixture

Guilin peeps like their food spicy so those that can't handle the hotness should ready some H20 on hand to counter the spice.
Flavors are instant & deliciously strong, the freshness of the daily made noodles are obvious and balances the spicy condiments well by helping tone down the hotness of chilis & pickeled radish bits.

The dining experience is quick & it is not uncommon for foodies to go for 2nd or even 3rds.
Overall, definately one of the better bowls of noodles we've tried around China.
We're just crossing our fingers that our stomachs agree -

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