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Cuisine: Japanese - Skewers
Yum Factor: 3/5
Fu to the Wu (service):
Moolah: $ - Economy Class
Repeat-Worthy: Yes

Liu Wen Qian is easily missed, as the hidden restaurant sits inside a hidden corner just around from Moro's. The eatery itself is a tiny space that resembles more a tiny private izakaya room & is perfect for a group of 20 odd friends to have a night of casual eating & tipples of sake.

The menu has most of the Japanese staples one would find - though we do recommend steering away from the shashimi or cold staples & suggest foodies to opt for their numerous skewer selections instead. Eggplant lovers should order the baked eggplant (10rmb) which & comes topped with dry squid shavings & special house sauce. Healthy options such as skewered onions, peppers, pumpkin are all reasonably priced between 2-8rmb per stick & is suprisingly filling when ordered by the half-dozen

Our favorites however, are still any orders of the whole dry-roasted fishes. Roasted Mackerel & 'Big-eye' fish are grilled in front of diners & comes perfectly toasted with crispy skin & juicy meaty insides.
Overall, Liu Wen Qian isn't your high end jap eatery - but ideal for a cozy night of dining @ extremely reasonable bring your friends though, as this place can double as a mini mid-week dinner party with their well priced 1.8L sake have been warned

Reviewed By: Xi2

No.8 Xinyuan Nanlu, West of Kunlun hotel, Capital Mansion West Gate
San Yuan Qiao