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Cuisine: Japanese - Shabu Shabu (Hot Pot)
Yum Factor: 3/5
Fu to the Wu (service): 3.5/5
FengShui: 2.5/5
Moolah: $$ - Not Cheap Not Expensive
Repeat-Worthy: Yes

This is most definatly BJ's most understated hotpot restaurant in town - this isn't your corner "Little Sheep" affair, 8 birds makes is hot pot decadence at its finest. We definatly recommend ordering the 258RMB set for best bang for buck, not only will the meal be guaranteed to fill you up but also leave you stuffed with some of the freshest seafood, veggies & high quality meat dips

Service at 8 Birds is another delightful highlight as the fuwus will cook everything for you in a specific order to make sure nothing is overcooked & everyone gets a taste of everything. The healthier & lighter broth is a nice change from the often too-oily typical of chinese style hotpots. The ambience is perfect for a lazy sunday dinner meal with a group of friends detoxing from the weekend festivities. We recommend reserving a private room & going with a larger group of 5+ friends. Make sure you save room for the congee & a separate compartment in your stomach for the delicious desserts that comes at the meal end

Reviewed by: Xi2

5F The Place - 9 Guanghua Lu
CBD, Guomao