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Cuisine: Street - Local Stalls
Yum Factor: 4/5
Fu to the Wu (service): 2/5
FengShui: 2/5
Moolah: S - Bargain Basement
Repeat-Worthy: Yes

Please repeat after me - MAMAK (think Yo mAmA jokes with a sharp K sound...yes you got it)

If you're a true foodie, than you will definately inevitably hear this word repeated numerous times when travelling around Malaysia
Coming mostly in the form of outdoor stalls, Mamak-ing is the ultimate way to enjoy & eat as the locals do. Although available 24 hours a day, you'll most likely find mamaks bustling with business in the late evenings. As mentioned, Malaysian food tends to be heavier & mamak food is no exception - so we do suggest leaving all your health calorie counting habits at home or you'll probably be starving for the whole trip

To start, our Roti Canai - a thin indian bread was flaky on the outside & muffin soft on the inside. Served with a chili sauce that leaves a nice spicy aftertaste in the mouth
We also had a go at the famous staples Maggi Goreng & Nasi Lemak. The former is a dish made from frying Maggi instant noodles with curry & served with fresh vegetables & optional chicken. The latter Nasi Lemak was sinful - coconut milk steamed rice served with anchovies, peanuts, cucumber & a chili sambal paste. Topped with a sunny side up, the dish was gone thanks to everyones quick contribution

Be sure to order either a fresh coconut or teh-tarik on the side - as most of the indian malay fare typical of Mamak stalls can be quite hot for foodies that cant handle their spice. The awfully indulgent tea sweetened with milk is a local favorite & is the 'pulling' demonstration is quite an art form in itself

All this late night indulgence came to a whopping 60rgt...otherwise roughly 100rmb...and there was still food leftover for our table of four

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the yummy pictures! We have just booked our flights to Malaysia and both of us love food so cannot wait to sample the hawker stalls :o)