[MALAYSIA] DELIcious - Cafe Bistro

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Cuisine: Cafe - Salad Bar Bistro
Yum Factor: 4.5/5
Fu to the Wu (service):
FengShui: 4.5/5
Moolah: $$ - Not Cheap Not Expensive
Repeat-Worthy: Yes

When an eatery calls themselves ''D-E-L-I-C-i-o-u-s'', the food that comes out better be just that. Based in malaysia, the 'DELICious' chain has become a popular option for the upper echelon KL crowd seeking a lighter than usual Malay meal or comfortable cafe to satisfy dessert cravings with a cup of java

Decor & ambience of the restaurant is also noteworthy, a well designed space with comfortable seating - & huge transparent dessert case for food porn enthusiasts

The mango,lychee,kaffir blast drink is a MUST TRY & is sooo delicious that you'll most likely finish & want to order another one before the any food is even served. Lychee & watermelon blast was also a hit & mouthwateringly luscious. We recommend both for perfect thrist quenchers to combat the tropical heat

Be warned, portions at DELICious are quite large so its easy to over-order as everything on the menu sounds tasty. The chicken pesto spaghettini (20.90rm) was perfectly supple, decorated with freshly grilled chicken bites topped off with paper thin cheddar strips & basil leaf on top. Spinach & pine nut quiche is a great choice for vegetarians & a meal in itself. The crab & mango salad was a favorite too- as interesting choice of greens such as spinach & coriander was a nice twist on the original recipes. The use of real & not processed crab meat was also highly appreciated as we detest how the candy-cane looking crab 'sticks' is often used nowadays

Desserts @ DELICious really do warrant a review of their own - as we couldn't decide which one to choose....the group went all out & ordered the 3 favorites:
Chocolate Brownie/Strawberry Pavlova/Mango Cheesecake (9.90rg/each)

Orgasmically & hatefully delicious...each decadent & sinfull in its own right. Chocolate brownie was the best of the three (if we just HAVE to choose) & comes served with melty hot chocolate fudge sauce with a dallop of cold vanilla ice cream. Mango cheesecake was equally rich in taste & flavor.

In retrospect, what was intended to be a 'light' meal ended up being a unexpected gastronomic feast for the group....but like they say, expect the unexpected - and in this case, the unexpected was so much better than what we had imagined

Reviewed By: Xi2

Bangsar Village 2

Jalan Tewali Satu

Bangsar Baru

KL, Malaysia