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Cuisine: Cafe - Coffee House
Yum Factor: 4/5
Fu to the Wu (service): 3/5
FengShui: 3/5
Moolah: $ - Economy Class
Repeat-Worthy: Yes

Oldtown White Coffee is Malaysia's own home grown Starbucks - but oh so much better & tastier than anything you can find at the international coffee chain. The extensive coffee culture is a surprise to any visiting tourist & Oldtown White Coffee is a must try for any foodie enthusiast

With numerous outlets around town, OldTown is coffee house with a malaysian twist. Our standard regular coffee order was so delicious & left a hint of chocolate after taste in the mouth - and comes in a hot/cold option (we ordered both!)

Menu selection at Oldtown offers traditional malaysian staples that are done very well. Our Nasi Lamak came in a generous portion & with rich spicy flavors to match. Foodies with heavier palettes will fall in love with malaysian cuisine, as most of the food culture tends to uses alot of spices, flavorful abundant ingredients & exhibit oilier characteristics...salads are probably the last thing you would find on the menu...& will only present an opportunity for the locals to scoff at you as an obvious tourist

Also highly recommended is KAYA - a type of malaysian jam that is made from coconut milk & sugar....you'll be addicted within a second. This stuff is SERIOUSLY comparable & tastes as good as nutella. Order with the standard toasted toasts & you are good to go (can even double as a dessert)

On the side, we also had a popular malaysian chinese bean curd dessert. Probably one of the lighter desserts you'll find, our tofu was freshly made & topped off with a special secret syrup with lychees & tapioca bubbles on the side...hit any oldtown outlet for a great afternoon of sipping some better-than-starbucks java with great local fare for bites

Reviewed by: Xi2


Anonymous said...

Sup Xi2 ... hey, when you were in HK last time, you were telling me about this huge Japanese restaurant called Makoto? Apparently, its gone now right? You saw it coming miles off! Anyway, just dropping by to say hi! How are you?

M.dou said...

is this oldtown white coffee in beijing? if so, can you tell us where, please?